Current Vacancies

Littleton City Council recruits annually in December and January and  to fill vacancies on its Authorities, Boards, and Commissions. Residents of the City of Littleton are invited to apply for vacancies as listed below. Service on Authorities, Boards, or Commissions is limited to residents of the city unless otherwise noted. City council will review the applications and set up interviews in late February. Appointments will be made in March, with terms beginning on April 1. Questions may be directed to the Littleton City Clerk at 303-795-3780

Arts and Culture Board 11 members 3 years Second Thursday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
Appeals & Adjustment Commission 5 members
1 alternate
3 years Third Wednesday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
Capital Improvement Sales Tax Board
 8 members 2 years Twice a year in April and May 0 vacancies
Election Commission 5 members 4 years As needed 0 vacancies
Environmental Stewardship Board
up to 7 members 3 years First Wednesday, 6:30 pm as needed 0 vacancies
Historical Preservation Commission 7 members
1 alternate
3 years Third Monday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
Licensing Commission 5 members
3 years Second Wednesday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
Littleton Downtown Development Authority  9 members  4 years Third Wednesday, 4 pm 0 vacancies (Must operate a business or own property inside the LDDA boundaries)
Next Generation Advisory Board 15 members 1 or 2 years First Thursday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
Planning Commission 7 members
1 alternate
3 years Second and Fourth Monday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies
South Metro Housing Options Board
7 members 5 years Second Thursday, 6 pm Visit SMHO for more information
Transportation and Mobility Board 7 members 3 years Fourth Thursday, 6:30 pm 0 vacancies