Development Process & Applications

Littleton Commons under construction, showing a bulldozer moving earth and the frames of buildings behind it.

We are excited work with you on your development project. Here in Littleton we work with our referral partners to conduct comprehensive and complete reviews.

See our Development Review Process Map to learn more about how we review development applications in Littleton. 

Development applications will only be accepted through the new online Building Permit and Development Review System, eTRAKiT. Submittals are processed twice per week. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

All development applications shall include:

  1. Submittal Checklist materials (provided at pre-application meeting)
  2. Development packet materials (see associated Submittal Requirements Pages)
  3. Application fees (payment instructions to be provided upon confirmation of a complete application)
  4. All applications must follow the formatting guidelines outlined on this website  

Submittal Requirements for Development Cases

Per Section 10-9-1.5(B)2. of the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC), Submittal Requirements are established by the Director of Community Development and are intended to guide applicants and give all similar project types and processes common formatting acceptable to the City of Littleton.

Submittal Requirements - Code and Zoning Amendments


  • Amendment to the Future Land Use and Character Map (contact Planning)
  • Rezoning or Zoning Map Amendment

Submittal Requirements - Site Development and Use Permits

  • Abbreviated Site Plan
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Major Plan Amendment
  • Master Development Plan - with Site Plan Details
  • Master Development Plan - Conceptual
  • Minor Plan Amendment
  • Site Plan - Full
  • Temporary Use Permit 

Submittal Requirements - Subdivisions

  • Administrative Plat
  • Condominium Plat
  • Final Plat
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Technical Corrections to a Plat

Submittal Requirements - Relief, Appeals, & Interpretations

  • Administrative Adjustment
  • Appeal of Administrative Decision
  • Floodplain Variance
  • Variance
  • Written Interpretation

Submittal Requirements - Historic Preservation Applications

  • Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Certificate of Demolition
  • Certificate of Economic Hardship
  • Designation of Historic Landmarks and Districts



Wireless Communications Facilities Applications

Application for Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) for eTRAKiT(PDF, 165KB)

Projects that qualify as an Eligible Facilities Request (EFR) can now apply directly for a building permit (permit type: commercial wireless or COMWLS). Applicants must provide the EFR screening form and WCF application submittal checklist with their building permit. 


Other Planning Projects, Zoning Verification Letters, Planning Permits, and More

Miscellaneous Zoning Applications

Zoning Applications on eTRAKiT

  • Amplified Sound
  • Home Occupations
  • Sign Permit
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Zoning Certificate
  • Zoning Verification Letter Request Form (on eTRAKiT)
    • Standard items covered in a zoning verification letter include:
      • Zoning District and Permitted Uses
    • Custom zoning verification letters may:
      • Verify zoning district and permitted uses
      • Provide specific interpretation of particular uses
      • Address any anomalies on the property
      • Verify that there are no current zoning or code violations

      Zoning verification letters do not verify existing improvements compliance with approved plans, documents, or codes. Questions about the Unified Land Use Code may be directed to planning staff at or 303-734-8076.

Appeals Forms and CORA Requests

  • Zoning, code or building violations
  • Planned Development documents
  • Site plans
  • Agreements
  • Other city Records



Contact the Building Permit Center for additional building permit applications. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted.