Submittal Requirements - Relief, Appeals, and Interpretations

Per Section 10-9-1.5(B)2. of the Unified Land Use Code (ULUC), these Submittal Requirements are established by the Director of Community Development and are required for use by all applicants.

Applicable Processes



The Relief, Appeals, and Interpretations processes follow the City of Littleton’s Development Review Process.Table 10-9-3.9.1 Development Review Summary in the ULUC can be referred to for more details on each process.

  1. Pre-Application Meeting (Section 10-9-3.1) is required prior to a Variance application. Request meeting via eTRAKiT.
  2. Submit Complete Application to city (Online via eTRAKiT)

    a. A customized list of submittal requirements is provided after a Pre-Application Meeting.

Submittal Requirements


Submittal Item Administrative
Appeal of
Variance Written
1. Application Fees R R R R R
2. Application Form (Online) R R R R R
3. Decision Criteria Narrative R R R
4. Improvement Location Certificate A A A
5. Improvement Survey Plat A A A
6. Letter of Authorization A A A A A
7. Project Narrative R R A R R
8. Site Plan A R A

Content & Formatting

Only complete applications will be accepted. The names of files uploaded into eTRAKiT should match the submittal item. Extra verbiage or internal case numbers should be removed. Staff may require the applicant to submit additional information or exhibits, not listed in the table above, in response to unique circumstances or based upon information received from referral agencies or other sources.

Glossary-Submittal Item Description

  1. Application Fees: The Littleton City Code provides for the establishment and collection of fees for certain services by the Community Development Department. An applicant is responsible for providing title insurance and document recording fees. The applicant is also responsible for all costs related to public hearing notices.
  2. Application Form (Online): Completed form that lists the contact information for property owners and applicants, and a brief description of the applicable request.
  3. Decision Criteria Narrative: Applicant’s response to the relevant decision criteria/considerations described in the ULUC for a specific process.
  4. Improvement Location Certificate: A scaled graphic (engineering scale) completed after an inspection of a parcel by a licensed surveyor to determine possible encroachments or other matters that could be adverse from a land surveying standpoint.
  5. Improvement Survey Plat: A land survey plat resulting from a monumented land survey showing the location of all structures, visible utilities, fences, hedges, or walls situated on the described parcel and within five feet of all boundaries of such parcel, any conflicting boundary evidence or visible encroachments, and all easements, underground utilities, and tunnels for which properly recorded evidence is available from the county clerk and recorder, a title insurance company, or other sources as specified on the improvement survey plat.
  6. Letter of Authorization: Letter from the current property owner acknowledging and authorizing the application submission.
  7. Project Narrative: On the applicant's letterhead, provide a summary of the project or request. For a project, please include the goals, timing, aesthetics, scope, and scale of the proposed project. Explain how the project helps implement the "Guiding Principles" of the Comprehensive Plan: Anchored, Authentic, Connected, Active, and Engaged.
  8. Site Plan: Scaled graphic (engineering scale) that shows all existing and proposed structures on a property.