Homelessness Initiatives

Tri-Cities Homelessness Policy Group logo

The City of Littleton is engaged in several initiatives to prevent homelessness and serve community members who experience it.

  • The city participates in the Tri-Cities Homelessness Policy group, a team of public officials dedicated to addressing homelessness in Littleton, Englewood, and Sheridan, Colorado. While homelessness is evident throughout the state, the Tri-Cities Group shares physical borders and often collaborates on regional issues. Council Member Gretchen Rydin is Littleton's liaison to the Tri-Cities Homelessness Policy Group.
  • City officials participate in Change the Trend, a collection of local organizations collaborating to end the cycles of poverty, addiction, and homelessness.
  • The Littleton Police Department and All-Health Network have established a police Co-Responder Program to reduce crime rates and provide citizens with necessary mental health and social services.
  • Bemis Public Library maintains a comprehensive list of area resources to assist those experiencing homelessness.
  • ArapaSOURCE is a web application from Arapahoe County to quickly locate area resources.

DU Center for Housing and Homelessness Research Project

The Tri-Cities Group approved an Intergovernmental Agreement in mid-2019 with the University of Denver’s Center for Housing and Homelessness Research (CHHR). The project included interviewing adults experiencing homelessness and assessing family homelessness. A final report was presented to the three city councils in January 2021 and are available below, with the goal of better understanding the current situation and needs.

Homelessness Action Plan

The Tri-Cities Homelessness Policy Committee has engaged the services of Alisa Orduna of Florence Aliese Advancement Network to facilitate creation of an action plan. With approval of the three city councils, this plan can guide next steps for homelessness services and coordination in the three cities. Throughout January, Ms. Orduna will be interviewing stakeholders and developing a plan in coordination with the Tri-Cities Policy Committee.