Permits, Review Guides, and Requirements


Building codes are designed to protect the occupants of buildings. They describe requirements that protect the structural integrity of a building and the safe installation of the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. The codes also specify a safe means of exiting a building in case of an emergency, and requirements for energy conservation.

Please note: Contractors and Homeowners are required to use the eTRAKiT portal to apply for permits and request building inspections.

The Building and Code Compliance Division Permit Center is on the first floor of the Littleton Center.  A kiosk is available for the public to submit for permits and plan submittals if needed. 


Plan Submittal Requirements - Commercial, Residential, Demolition and Roofing

The city is utilizing an upgraded permit/project submittal and tracking system, eTRAKiT, in an effort to streamline filing and tracking projects online. The upgraded system offers a standardized, paperless permit and project process, with information more readily accessible throughout the lifecycle of any project. 

The online software system, eTRAKiT will allow you to

  • Apply for permits
  • Submit plans and revisions
  • Check permit status
  • Retrieve stamped approved plans
  • Make online payments
  • Schedule inspections  


Changes to Permits/Plans

  • Provide a written narrative response with explanation of each revision made, identifying each revision by page number, section or detail number, etc.
  • Provide full page resubmittal for each revised page with all revisions on that page clearly identified.
  • Sign in to your eTRAKiT account to upload the required documents.
    • Go to 'My Active Permits' - click on the permit number and address.
    • Click on attachments to upload your required documents. Make sure you click 'accept' to upload the documents. ***Make sure that there are no special characters in the filename.
    • Email referencing the permit number and job address once the required documents are uploaded to the permit record through the eTRAKiT portal.