State Incentives & Tax Credits

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Colorado's Office of Economic Development and International Trade offers over 100 programs and funding opportunities to businesses within the state of Colorado. Visit the Choose Colorado website for an overview of these incentives or read below for a few highlights of what they offer. 

Job Growth Tax Incentive

The Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit provides a state income tax credit to businesses undertaking job creation projects that would not occur in Colorado without this program.


Strategic Fund Incentive

The Strategic Fund Job Growth Incentive program provides a commitment for a performance-based incentive payment to qualifying companies that have created net new jobs paying above average wages or have met other requirements.


Skill Advance Colorado Job Training Grant

The Skill Advance Colorado Job Training Grant helps businesses and nonprofits create customized job training for employees. This program is broken down into Colorado First funds and Existing Industry funds. 

The Colorado First and Existing Industry grants are jointly administered by OEDIT and the Colorado Community College System. Arapahoe Community College can assist with customized training activities through company-approved curricula. 



Planning and Feasibility Study Grants

The Planning and Feasibility Studies Grant is designed to provide funding to determine the feasibility of a project or to plan for a project that will be located in Colorado.


Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone Program provides tax credits for private enterprise to expand and for new businesses to locate in economically distressed areas of Colorado.


Business Foundations Technical Assistance Program

The Business Foundations Program provides guidance for how business owners can build a strong foundation and become legally established in Colorado. This program is built upon three training pathways: legal formation and registration, accounting and finance, & digital marketing and e-commerce. Once the participant has completed these programs, they can then apply for small grants up to $1,200. 

Any Colorado small business can be eligible for this training assistance and grant. 

Small Business Accelerated Growth

The Small Business Accelerated Growth program provides technical assistance and grants to businesses that have been in operation in the state of Colorado for at least one year and have 19 or fewer employees. This program was created to advance existing businesses in Colorado. The three training pathways include: access to capital, market research, & digital marketing and online presences. 


If you have questions, reach out to our Economic Development team. We are committed to providing you with the information and support needed to be a successful business operating in the city. 

For a more extensive list of incentives, visit Colorado's Office of Economic and International Trade's full directory of programs

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Rapid Response

Rapid Response is a resource that aids businesses in restructuring and/or downsizing.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is federal tax credit for employers to hire groups that face barriers to employment.


Federal Bonding

The Federal Bonding program is an incentive for companies to hire those from an at-risk background.


Main Street / Historic Preservation Programs

Heritage Energy

The Heritage Energy Fund is geared towards exterior and interior energy efficient projects. 

Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit

The Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit was created to assist anyone planning to rehabilitate a historic commercial building. This program can assist 20% to 35% of rehabilitation expenses up to $1 million in tax credit per property per year. 

Revitalizing Main Streets

Revitalizing Main Streets was created to encourage alternative forms of mobility. It aims to support areas in or adjacent to downtown areas where people work, dine, and shop.