Commercial Submittal Requirements


***All documents are required to be submitted electronically*** 

For A permit application to be accepted and processed for review, the following information and documents must be provided with the permit application.  Plans titled “Preliminary” and/or “Not for Construction” will not be accepted.  

A Code Analysis shall be provided on the cover sheet and include the following:

• A Sheet Index on the title sheet listing all sheets included with the submittal

• Statement of code version(s) under which analysis was conducted

• Use and Occupancy Classification• Construction Type

• Number of stories and height of building

• Allowable Area Calculations (including justification of any area increases)

• Identification of new and existing fire suppression systems

• Plumbing fixture counts (Existing with spacing diagram and required/proposed new)

Architect’s and Engineer’s Seals 

The seal of a Colorado Registered Architect is required.  The seal of a Colorado Professional Engineer authorized to practice within the that specific discipline is required to be affixed to any portion of the plans that contain structural, mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing components. 

Site Plan  

A site plan is required if a project involves a change in use of the structure, any exterior changes, a new or changed street access, or if a curb cut is proposed. 

Construction Plans: Construction documents shall be dimensioned and drawn to scale. Construction documents shall be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature, and extent of the proposed work and shall demonstrate in detail that work will conform to the provisions of the building codes and all relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. Plan sets shall contain the following: 

1. Scaled Architectural and Structural Plans - State of Colorado Architect or Engineer seal is required.

• A scaled floor plan

• Size, span and spacing of all structural and framing members sealed by a State of Colorado Professional Engineer **(Structural plans sealed by an Architect will not be accepted)

• Identified use, location and size of all rooms

• Size, location and type of all doors and windows (including schedule indicating SHGC and U-factor information)

• Size and location of all stairways including rise and run of steps, handrail details and headroom clearance

• Type of insulation, insulation value and flame spread rating of all insulating materials

  • Location, type of construction, detail drawings and approved assemblies for all fire-rated walls

Electrical Plans – State of Colorado Professional Engineer seal is required.

• Electrical floor plan showing the location of all electrical receptacles, switches, lighting fixtures, smoke alarms, ventilation fans, etc.

• Service panel location and load calculations

• Lighting plan layout including emergency and exit lighting plan

• Photometric study and exterior light fixture cut sheets

• Evidence of compliance with IECC

• One-line diagram with complete load calculations and fault current calculations

• For new construction - Service entrance details

Mechanical & Plumbing Plans – State of Colorado Professional Engineer seal is required.

• Plans depicting the size, location and type of all plumbing and mechanical fixtures, appliances, piping, venting, traps and interceptors, backflow protection, etc.

• Isometric drawings for plumbing and fuel-gas piping

• Equipment schedules (including demand, exhaust, efficiency, weight, etc.)

• Manuals J, S and D

• Evidence of compliance with IECC

• For rooftop installations – Structural sufficiency to accommodate imposed loads and screening as required for compliance with City of Littleton Municipal Code Title 10

Evidence of compliance with International Energy Conservation Code

• Statement of intent pertaining to method of compliance (prescriptive or performance method)

• Prescriptive method – Detailed information throughout plan set and documents sufficient to demonstrate compliance and statement of acknowledgement of requirement for inspection of all aspects of prescriptive components by City of Littleton Building and Code Compliance Division

• Performance method – Identification of firm(s) conducting compliance inspections and reports and statement of acknowledgement of requirement to provide reporting prior to final approval

Resubmittal Requirements:

• Provide a written narrative response with explanation of each revision made, identifying each revision by page number, section or detail number, etc.

• Provide full page resubmittal for each revised page with all revisions on that page clearly identified

Additional permitting and submission may be required by the following entities dependent on scope of project. To determine any additional requirements, please contact: 

• Food establishments, Day care facilities, Swimming pools - Contact Arapahoe County Heath at 303-783-7133

• Food establishments, Repair garages, Car washes or similar - Contact South Platte Water Renewal Partners at 303-783-3844 or 303-435-0363

• Fire suppression and alarm systems - Contact South Metro Fire Rescue 720-989-2230

• Abatement of asbestos for buildings constructed prior to 1988 - Contact State of Colorado CDPHE at 303-692- 2000 or 303-692-3100

Public Works 

For Grading, Right of Way, permits -contact Engineering Department: 303-795-3865; Public Works: 303-795-3863

  • Denver Water Fees Application required?
  • New Sewer Tap; Size; Existing Sewer Tap?
  • If new sewer tap is required, use the property address to identify the Sanitation District. The Sanitation District is paid

    first, then City of Littleton. Use this link to verify Sanitation District:

  • Is any portion of the property in a floodplain? Floodplain delineations can be found by contacting Public Works or at: