Historical Preservation Commission

In April 2024, the Historical Preservation Board (HPB) was renamed the Historical Preservation Commission (HPC).

The Historical Preservation Commission (HPC) recommends policies, rules and regulations relating to historic preservation; develops public information and education programs; recommends buildings and sites for landmark or other local historic designation status; and acts upon certificates of appropriateness on designated buildings. Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month starting at 6:30 p.m.

Upcoming and Past Meetings - Historical Preservation Commission

Board Members

Paige Alcorn, Chair; Term ends 2027
Kimberly Field; Term ends 2025
Amy Fischer; Term ends 2025
Jason Henderson; Term ends 2026
Robert Hoene; Term ends 2027
Kalena Murib, Vice Chair; Term ends 2025
Elizabeth Ritter; Term ends 2026
Jason Smith, Alternate; Term ends 2027

Staff Contact

For questions concerning this board, contact the City Clerk's Office at 303-795-3780 or colcityclerk@littletongov.org.