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Events listed on these calendars are city-sponsored events or meetings, and not a comprehensive list of all activities happening around the community. Dates and times reflect the latest available information and are subject to change or cancellation.

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Board name abbreviations:
 CC – City Council ESB4 Environmental Stewardship Board NGAB7 – Next Generation Advisory Board
 AAC1 Appeals & Adjustment Commission HPC5 – Historical Preservation Commission PC – Planning Commission
 ACB2 – Arts & Culture Board LC6 – Licensing Commission SMHO – South Metro Housing Options Board
 CISTB3 – Capital Improvement Sales Tax Board LDDA – Littleton Downtown Development Authority TMB – Transportation & Mobility Board
 EC – Election Commission        
   1Combined Board of Adjustment (BOA) and Building Board of Appeals (BBoA) 5Formerly Historical Preservation Board (HPB)
   2Combined Arts & Culture Commission (ACC) and Fine Arts Board (FAB) 6Formerly Licensing Authority (LA)
   3Formerly Capital Improvement Sales Tax Committee (CISTC) 7Formerly Next Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC)
   4Formerly Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC)  

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