Rental Registration License

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Step 1.Is your property in the Littleton city limits?

Not all Littleton street addresses are in the city limits. Check the Littleton Address Wizard and/or the Littleton City Limits map to make sure the property address is within Littleton's city boundaries.  If it is not in the city limits, contact the local jurisdiction and follow their rental registration licensing process.

Step 2.Do I need a Rental Registration License?

If you own multiple family residential structure(s) in the City of Littleton, which contain three or more residential units, you are required to provide the City with your name, address and telephone numbers. P.O. Boxes are not accepted as a valid address. 

You are also required to appoint an agent who lives in the Denver-metropolitan area who may be contacted in the event that you are unavailable.  This agent must have the authority to authorize emergency repairs relating to the rental property.  Your agent shall have authority to give right of entry to a city inspector in your absence.   Please provide his/her name, address and telephone numbers.  

Step 3.Read the laws, rules and regulations

There are times when it becomes necessary for the City to quickly contact the owners of multiple family residences, particularly if there has been a fire or criminal activity. Therefore, rental registration is required by Littleton City Ordinance, Title 3 - Chapter 19 - Section 2 (3-19-2), which was adopted by City Council on December 15, 1998.  

The City may institute any appropriate legal action or proceedings for injunctive or other relief to compel compliance with the requirements of this ordinance.  These proceedings may include a summons to appear in Littleton Municipal Court.

Questions regarding enforcement of rental registration requirements should contact the Building Permit Center at 303-795-3751 or email Rental Registration License

How do I register?

Simply complete the online registration form below and pay the annual registration fee.  One registration form and fee shall be required for each multi-family property owned.  After the City receives your completed form, a license will be emailed to you.

Rental Property Annual Registration License Fee
3-25 units $75.00 per property
26 or more units $125.00 per property

Annual registration is required.  All multi-family licenses are valid for a one-year period and must be renewed annually by April 1st.  A separate rental registration application and separate license fee is required for each property you own, designated by parcel. 

Step 4.What if I sell my property?

The seller should notify the City of the impending change of ownership. The new owner must register with the City within thirty (30) days after such transfer.

Step 5.Start your online application!

Apply online on eTRAKiT (see eTRAKiT Help Guides). 

The link above brings you to the main page where you will select “Apply for new Licenses” under the LICENSES section, then select Rental Registration License under the “Type” drop down. 

After submittal, the Permit Center will review the Rental Registration license application for completeness.  You will receive an email stating that your Rental Registration license fees are due. The Building Permit Center will issue and email your Rental Registration license after payment has been made.

Currently, we accept payment on our portal with online applications.  If you do not have the capability to apply online, or pay online, please reach out to the Building Permit Center to set up an appointment.