Meeting Videos & Agendas

Viewing and Participation Options

City council meetings are open to the public in the council chamber. Other options for viewing and participating in city council meetings are as follows: watch the live telecast on Comcast Channel 8, live on Facebook, or watch the live stream on the Channel 8 web page.

To provide written remarks during the Public Comment part of the agenda, or to comment on an agenda item during a Public Hearing, submit a statement using the Agenda Item Comment Form in the Related Information section below. Comments received prior to 4 p.m. on the date of the council meeting will be presented to the mayor and council members. 

Live Meetings

When a council, board, or commission meeting is in session, its button will be highlighted. For links to meeting broadcast videos and documents, select the board's name in the Upcoming & Archived Videos section below.

Action Minutes are the official record for meetings

In March 2014, city council approved an ordinance making the video recording of meetings the official record for the City of Littleton. In February 2017, the city council approved an amendment to the code adding a new definition for minutes. "The term minutes shall mean action minutes of the meeting of the city council or any of its authorities, boards or commissions. Action minutes shall mean motions, the vote of any motion, and the name of any citizens speaking under public comment and/or public hearings and their stance. The video recordings of meetings shall be kept in perpetuity. 

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