2018 Resident and Business Surveys

Survey Results
2018 Resident Survey - Results(PDF, 2MB)
2018 Business Survey - Result(PDF, 2MB)

Residents and businesses agree Littleton is a great place to be

Ninety six percent of residents believe Littleton is a good or excellent place to live according to the 2018 surveys which were presented to city council at its June 12 meeting. The residential survey was mailed to 3,000 randomly selected addresses, 721 surveys were completed. Additionally, 1,271 businesses were asked to complete the survey and 179 were returned. Moreover, the majority, 92 percent, also believe that Littleton is a good or excellent place to raise children.

The Littleton Report, distributed to every postal patron in the city and the city's website, littletongov.org, were rated as the top two ways residents receive information about their city.

When asked to identify the most pressing issues facing the community in the next two years, traffic was the most pressing concern. Since 2012, concern about traffic has continued to grow. In response, the city is pursuing a Planning and Environmental Linkages study for the Santa Fe Corridor in partnership with CDOT and other agencies in the south metro area. Work is expected to begin next spring. Aging or outdated commercial areas and street maintenance rounded out the top three most pressing concerns facing the community over the next two years.

The quality of downtown parking has been trending downward since 2012 and the marks are now below the national benchmark. One issue that has seen some improvement is snowplowing across the city. Residents identified that issue in previous surveys, resulting in the city making changes to routes and procedures. In the 2018 survey, those changes yielded the highest level of approval ratings yet for snowplowing across Littleton.

The results from the business survey were very similar to that of the residential survey. The majority of businesses, 85 percent, feel that Littleton is a good or excellent place to work. Additionally, businesses were in line with identifying downtown parking and overall traffic issues as areas for improvement.

Both residents and businesses expressed a willingness to consider increasing sales tax to fund infrastructure improvements.