Littleton Linkages Trail Study

  • Project typeTransportation
  • Project statusPlanning
  • StartFall 2022
  • CompletionWinter 2024
Trail study badge shows buildings in background and cyclist, wheelchair and pedestrian in forground

Proposed Final Report

The Littleton Linkages Trail Study is near conclusion. This study has identified ways to improve the connectivity, accessibility, and safety of our local trail network.

A prioritized list of recommended concepts was developed, derived from public engagement and data analysis through this study.

Earlier Documents and Findings

The City of Littleton developed a prioritized list of recommended concepts derived from public engagement and data analysis through the Littleton Linkages Trail Study. The below documents includes concepts and descriptions, overview of the evaluation and scoring process, and public engagement results.


In late 2022, the Littleton launched an assessment of the local trail network. The goal of this effort was to identify opportunities for improvement.

Local trails provide neighborhood access to parks, destinations, and regional trails. They also provide recreational opportunities. Local trails can also be a great alternative to driving your car to get to work, school and more. Local trails help communities to thrive.

What is known

The existing local trails in Littleton span the entire community. The trail assessment showed: 

  • Gaps in connectivity
  • Poor or limited access points
  • Segments and connections with functional issues

To address these issues, the city is conducting the Littleton Linkages Trail Study in 2023. This study will result in a list of recommended improvement projects.

The city is focused on local trails in this study but has not forgotten about the larger regional trails. They play a critical role in the overall trail network. There are numerous past and current studies that also aim to improve Mary Carter Greenway, High Line Canal and more. 
Littleton needs your input. Join the conversation to share ideas about future local trail enhancements that will improve: 

  • Accessibility
  • Connectivity
  • Safety
  • Comfort  

Map of littleton city limits showing local and regional trails, and parks/open space

Schedule highlights

  • Late 2022: Investigate existing trail network
  • Early 2023: Initiate public and stakeholder engagement
  • Spring 2023: Develop and evaluate improvement concepts
  • Summer 2023: Study completion and final recommendations 

Submit comments or questions

The first round of public engagement closed in March 2023. There will be future public engagement opportunities in Summer 2023. Please check back here for updates or look for updates in the Littleton Report or one of the City’s various social media channels.

Email comments and questions to the project team. 

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