Floodplain Permits


In the City of Littleton, any proposed development within a floodplain is required to obtain a Floodplain Development Permit Application(PDF, 218KB).

The city of Littleton has floodplain regulations that are in some cases more stringent that those of FEMA or the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Review the floodplain regulations in the City Code, Title 10, Chapter 7, and also Chapter 4 of the Littleton Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria Manual(PDF, 5MB). For certain projects, a no-rise certificate or letter may be required.

There are certain types of Floodplain Development Permits that may require approval by the Littleton Planning Commission and a public hearing.

Once the Floodplain Development Permit application is filled out and submitted, city staff will contact the applicant to notify them whether the permit will be administrative with Public Works/Engineering, or through both Public Works and the Planning Commission.

It is strongly recommended that an applicant meet with Community Development and Public Works staff prior to submittal, if the proposed project is located within a floodplain.