Choose the Right Location

Picking a location is a very important aspect of creating your business. The location of your business will determine everything from taxes and regulation to the demographics of your consumers.

So how do you pick the perfect place for your new business? You’ll need to do some research. Start thinking about region-specific business expenses, local zoning ordinances, state and local taxes, state and local incentives, and federal incentives. 

If you have questions about site availability or if your location is in the city limits, you can check at AddressWizard or contact the Economic Development Department at

Commercial Properties

The following website provides search engine access for commercial properties in Littleton:

Showcase is a search engine for business professionals and investors looking for their next commercial property to lease or buy. Search from over one million properties across all asset classes, including: office space for lease, office space for sale, industrial property for lease, warehouses for sale, retail properties for lease, retail property for sale, multifamily apartments and land investments.

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