Business Spotlight - Vibe Foods

Published on April 29, 2024

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A family’s journey towards health and wellness sparked the creation of Vibe Foods in 2017. What began as a personal quest to address their son’s health challenges evolved into a mission to revolutionize the local food scene by offering clean, nutrient-packed meals with a side of good vibes.

For the founder of Vibe Foods, Shannon Weston, the connection between food and health became profoundly evident over 16 years ago when she and her family discovered that her son's health issues were linked to dietary factors. Through dedicated research and dietary adjustments, she witnessed firsthand the transformative power of a wholesome nutrition. Motivated by this experience, she set out to make healthy eating accessible to her community.

At Vibe Foods, every ingredient is meticulously chosen to uphold the highest standards of quality and nutrition. Avoiding chemicals, colorings, artificial flavorings, and processed sugars, the menu is a testament to their unwavering commitment to purity. From raw, cold-pressed juices made from 100% organic produce to acai bowls crafted from real fruit, each offering reflects their dedication to clean ingredients.

A standout feature of Vibe Foods is the emphasis on locally sourced, organic ingredients. From gluten-free toasts topped with nutrient-rich microgreens to homemade bone broths filled with gut-healing properties, every item is thoughtfully curated to promote wellness. Moreover, their conscientious approach extends to animal welfare and environmental sustainability, as they prioritize sourcing bones from organically raised, humanely treated animals.

Beyond nourishing bodies, Vibe Foods is deeply invested in fostering community connections. The dedicated team exemplifies their philosophy of spreading positivity and wellness. Every customer who walks through their doors is welcomed like family.

In November 2021, Vibe Foods expanded its footprint to Littleton, fulfilling a long-held aspiration to serve this community. Nestled in Aspen Grove, the new location offers a beautiful setting for patrons to enjoy food that fuels their bodies and uplift their spirits.

As Vibe Foods continues to thrive, its impact extends far beyond the confines of its storefronts. By championing ethical sourcing practices and uncompromising values, they are leading the charge towards a healthier, more sustainable future. With each purchase, customers not only nourish themselves but also contribute to a larger movement towards better health and well-being.