Public Comment

Citizen speaking at public meeting. The public comment portion of city council's agenda is one of the most important parts of the meeting. Everyone who attends the meeting and wishes to speak deserves to be heard.

The public may address the city council during the Public Comment portion of a council regular meeting. Each speaker is limited to three minutes. The city council is not authorized by the Colorado Open Meetings Law to discuss, comment, or take action at the meeting on any issue raised by public comment that is not part of that meeting's agenda. The mayor may refer the matter to the city manager and/or city attorney for immediate comment after Public Comment, or to city staff to obtain additional information and report back to the city council as appropriate.

Guidelines for public comment to city council

First page of a council meeting agenda with Public Comment highlighted

In order to hear as many different viewpoints as possible in the limited time available, the city council asks speakers to:

  • Sign-in on the speaker sheet located on the table at the entrance to the council chamber.
  • Wait to be recognized by the mayor.
  • State your name.
  • Stick to the point. Presentations that are less than three minutes long are more effective than long and repetitive presentations.
  • If previous speakers have made the same point, tell the mayor that you do not need to speak because your point has been made.
  • If you plan to present a handout, give it to the city clerk before the meeting starts to distribute to council.
  • Address remarks to all council members. City council members pledge to be respectful and open to citizens that appear before them, and expect speakers to do the same.

Other ways to communicate with city council

  • Mail: City of Littleton, 2255 W. Berry Ave., Littleton, CO 80120
  • Email or phone: individual council contact information can be found on the City Council Members page
  • Feedback form: click on the "Feedback" link just under the page headline at the top of any web page
  • Agenda Item Comments: provide comments on specific numbered agenda items via the Agenda Item Comment Form