Project Downtown - A Downtown Mobility & Streetscape Improvements Plan

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Project Overview

The City of Littleton is developing a downtown mobility and streetscape improvements plan called “Project Downtown” to guide the City’s investment decisions to improve multimodal connectivity, parking, pedestrian safety, wayfinding, green infrastructure, and streetscape enhancements (i.e., lighting, trees and wider sidewalks) in Downtown Littleton.

Project Downtown builds upon the City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan, 2018-2019 Transportation Master Plan and City Council Goals and Work Plan. Through those planning processes, the community identified mobility and streetscape improvements as top priorities that would help maintain Littleton’s authentic small-town charm and provide different options for people to move around town. Project Downtown will include a robust community engagement process connecting with many stakeholders including residents, business owners, and other interested parties throughout the project. The community engagement process will be transparent and fair with multiple touch points that balances tradeoffs while ensuring the downtown core continues to grow responsibly.

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Why Now?

Downtown Littleton is a popular destination for locals and visitors to shop and dine and encompasses other important destinations like Arapahoe Community College Campus and the Littleton Center. The recently adopted Littleton Downtown Development Authority (LDDA), the Littleton Business Chamber and Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants (HDLM) will be included in the project’s outreach efforts to create a single vision of a thriving downtown core. Consequently, the timing of Project Downtown presents an opportunity for the City to create a thoughtful response to community feedback, business community concerns, and upcoming capital improvement projects.

Decisions Driven by Data and Community Input

The City’s foremost goal is to prioritize community input and to use the project team’s sound technical analysis to identify the safest options to walk, bike, and take transit to and through Downtown Littleton. This project includes identifying options for streetscape improvements that incorporate green infrastructure to create moments that showcase the City’s historic character.

Engagement Process Conversations

Community engagement process will include the following conversations

Safe Systems

  • Safe and comfortable mobility and access for all road users
  • Safer roadway speeds
  • Enhanced street design

Complete Networks and priority streets

  • Enhanced bicycle connectivity
  • First and final mile transit connections
  • Safe routes to school
  • Pedestrian comfort and safe crossings
  • Multiple ways to get around for all ages and abilities

Enhanced streetscape and wayfinding

  • Street and pedestrian lighting
  • Street furnishings (benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, etc.)
  • Consistent sidewalks
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Trees and plantings

Green Infrastructure

  • Sustainable stormwater runoff while increasing water for trees and plants

Multimodal alleyways

  • Revitalize forgotten spaces
  • Alternative pathways across the City

Little's Creek trail enhancements

  • Enhance connectivity to and from Little's Creek

Gateway opportunities

  • Visual signals indicating you have arrived at Downtown Littleton

Parking Management

  • Parking supply and demand
  • Business parking and access needs

Business needs

  • Outdoor patios

Traffic calming elements

  • Use data to manage downtown vehicle speeds and volumes

project timeline

Project Timeline Table (alternate view)

Summer 2023 Existing Conditions Analysis
Fall 2023 Visioning Goals and Objectives
Winter 2024 Conceptual Alternatives
Spring 2024 Finalize Concept and Plan Completion
 TBD Design Phase 1
 TBD Anticipated Construction Start

Interactive Online Tools

A summary of the feedback received in the first survey is located in the Project StoryMap, and below are links to the three proposed concepts presented at public meetings on April 8 and 10, 2024.  Input from surveys and public meetings will help inform the refinement of the final preferred alternative as well as the city’s investment decisions for the twenty-year implementation of Project Downtown.  Visit the interactive story map link below to learn more.  

The second survey has now closed- thank you for participating and providing your feedback. This input will inform the next phase in which the project team will be developing the final concept plan to be shared later this summer.

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