Platte Canyon Road Intersections Improvements

  • Project typeTransportation
  • Project statusPlanning/Design
  • StartDesign - 2020, Construction - Early 2024
  • CompletionDesign - Late 2023, Construction - Late 2024
An intersection on Platte Canyon Rd

UPDATE — 08/08/2023
Public engagement identified concerns with pedestrian and bicycle crossings, conflicts, and bus stop access, congestion, and aging and outdated signal equipment. As a result, the design will provide new accessible pedestrian ramps, including raised crossings on the north side at Mineral Avenue, separated pedestrian and bicycle crossings, bike facility and crossing upgrades, a second southbound left turn lane and a channelized southbound right turn lane on Platte Canyon Road at Mineral Avenue, bus stop upgrades at both intersections, a new connection to Columbine Manor Park, and all new upgraded signal equipment.

Project Introduction:

The Platte Canyon Road Intersections Improvements project, aims to address critical concerns identified through public engagement. This comprehensive initiative focuses on enhancing pedestrian and bicycle safety, resolving traffic conflicts, improving bus stop access, and upgrading signal equipment. The design incorporates a range of improvements, including:

  • Accessible Pedestrian Ramps: New accessible ramps, including raised crossings, will be constructed on the north side of Mineral Avenue.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Crossings: Separated crossings will ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Bike Facility Upgrades: Enhancements to bike facilities and crossings will contribute to a more bike-friendly environment.
  • Expanded Turning Lanes: Additional southbound left and right turn lanes will be introduced at the Platte Canyon Road and Mineral Avenue intersection.
  • Bus Stop Enhancements: Upgraded bus stops will enhance accessibility and convenience for public transportation users.
  • Columbine Manor Park Connection: A new connection to Columbine Manor Park will offer improved accessibility to the park.
  • Upgraded Signal Equipment: The project includes the installation of all-new, advanced signal equipment to modernize traffic management.

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