Broadway and Jamison Storm Sewer Collapse

  • Project typeStreets
  • Project statusConstruction
  • StartEarly Spring 2024
  • CompletionEarly Summer 2024

Record-breaking rainfall in the spring and summer of 2023 stressed Littleton’s stormwater infrastructure, causing several aging corrugated metal culverts to collapse beneath city roadways, parks and open spaces.  

Crews are hard at work replacing failed metal storm sewers with reinforced concrete pipes, which will increase durability and resilience. City engineers are proactively examining other elements of Littleton’s stormwater infrastructure to prevent further issues.  

Project Summary

  • A storm sewer collapsed in open spaces near the intersection of Broadway and Jamison in late Spring 2023.
  • Additional rain events continued to cause pipe failure and wash out the open space.
  • Approximately 130 linear feet of storm sewer collapsed.
  • 100 feet of storm sewer collapsed with the intense rain event on June 22, 2023.
  • During site investigation, it was noted an additional 30 feet of storm sewer has also collapsed upstream of the exposed manhole. 
  • Access has been restricted due to unsafe site conditions.
  • Dirt has been hauled in from other sites in preparation for site work to begin.
  • Construction anticipated to begin March 11, 2024 through May 2024.
  • Just over 1 acre of land will be disturbed with the repairs.

Detours and Closures

  • Lee Gulch Trail will remain open during construction.
  • No road closures are anticipated for this repair, however, there may be some shoulder closure on Broadway.
  • Lee Gulch South Tributary Drainageway will be bypassed for a few weeks during construction, this may cause some excess flows on the street.

Current Updates

  • Crews begin work March 11, 2024

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