2023 Candidates

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Candidate Filing Deadlines

  • September 26 - Contribution and expenditure report due for period ending September 19, 2023
  • October 17 - Contribution and expenditure report due for period ending October 10, 2023
  • October 30 - Contribution and expenditure report due for period ending October 23, 2023
  • December 7 - Contribution and expenditure report due for period ending November 30, 2023

Municipal elections are run in odd-numbered years and are nonpartisan in nature. The city clerk’s office does not have any information regarding any candidate's party affiliation.

Registered voters in the City of Littleton will elect three council members in 2023. All are four-year terms.

  • District II
  • District IV
  • At Large

Littleton citizens interested in becoming a candidate should contact the city clerk’s office at 303-795-3780. Nomination petitions for candidacy will be available from the city clerk’s office Tuesday, August 8, 2023. All completed petitions must contain 50 valid signatures and shall be provided to the city clerk’s office no later than Monday, August 28, 2023 at 5 p.m. Prior to obtaining a nomination petition, interested persons must first submit a Candidate Affidavit Form.


District Candidate Filings
District II  Robert Reichardt 2023-Reichardt-Candidate-Affidavit.pdf(PDF, 229KB)
2023-Reichardt-Committee-Registration.pdf(PDF, 222KB)
Reichardt-FCPA-Filing-1.pdf(PDF, 203KB)
Reichardt-FCPA-Filing-1_Amended.pdf(PDF, 181KB)
Reichardt-FCPA-Filing-2.pdf(PDF, 135KB)
Reichardt-FCPA-Filing-3.pdf(PDF, 255KB)
District IV Andrea Peters 2023-Peters-Candidate-Affidavit.pdf(PDF, 241KB)
2023-Peters-Committee-Registration.pdf(PDF, 228KB)
Peters_FCPA-Filing-1.pdf(PDF, 297KB)
Peters_FCPA-Filing-1_Amended.pdf(PDF, 367KB)
Peters_FCPA-Filing-2.pdf(PDF, 133KB)
Peters_FCPA-Filing-3.pdf(PDF, 252KB)
 At Large  Chris Campbell  2023-Campbell-Candidate-Affidavit.pdf(PDF, 130KB)
2023-Campbell-Committee-Registration.pdf(PDF, 500KB)
Campbell_FCPA-Filing-1.pdf(PDF, 424KB)
Campbell_FCPA-Filing-1_Amended.pdf(PDF, 219KB)
Campbell_FCPA-Filing-2.pdf(PDF, 201KB)
Campbell_FCPA-Filing-3.pdf(PDF, 253KB)
At Large Pam Grove 2023-Grove-Candidate-Affidavit.pdf(PDF, 248KB)
2023-Grove-Committee-Registration.pdf(PDF, 261KB)
Grove-FCPA-Filing-1.pdf(PDF, 605KB)
Grove-FCPA-Filing-1_Amended.pdf(PDF, 650KB)
Grove-FCPA-Filing-2.pdf(PDF, 976KB)
Grove-FCPA-Filing-3.pdf(PDF, 441KB)
Grove-FCPA-Filing-Final.pdf(PDF, 445KB)