ACT Littleton

ACT Littleton logo - Arts, Culture, Tourism With support from the Arts and Culture Commission, the City of Littleton launched an educational campaign this summer to encourage its 45,000 residents to be active patrons, supporters, and contributors to local arts, culture, and events.

ACT (which stands for Arts, Culture, and Tourism) Littleton is a call-to-action and will start to appear in places across the city. It demonstrates a willingness to participate in the success of the vast local network of organizations adding to the quality of life – which is critical to Littleton citizens.

For many years running, 90 percent or more of residents report a high quality of life in Littleton – which is higher than national and Front Range averages. Additionally, 90 percent feel that Littleton is an excellent or good place to live and to raise children and that their neighborhoods are also excellent or good places to live.

And it’s no secret that a vibrant local arts and culture scene only enriches the lives of its populace.


The City of Littleton, containing more than 21,000 households within 13 square miles, is home to 20+ unique educational arts and culture organizations.

With a Smithsonian Affiliate museum, public library, performing arts center, and a thirty-acre botanical garden and events venue, Littleton is truly fortunate to have arts and culture assets that are not typically found in a town of fewer than 50,000 people. These assets regularly contribute to the quality of life of locals and visitors – and are worthy of supporting.

Given the constant unpredictability of funding for local arts, culture, and tourism events, education, and programs, the Littleton City Council is considering whether to place a question on the ballot this November for a lodger’s tax that would establish a fund to support and sustain this important sector.