2022 Voters Guide

2022 Littleton Voters Guide City council is asking voters to consider several ballot questions in November. This guide is intended to provide details on each of the ballot questions and is for informational purposes only.

2022 Littleton Voter Information Guide(PDF, 376KB)

Lodger’s Tax - Ballot Question 3B

Littleton is one of only a few cities in the metro area that has hotels and short-term rental properties, but no Lodger’s Tax levied on the guests who book them. For reference, Littleton currently has four hotels, with a fifth one set to open later this summer.

At a rate of 5%, a Lodger’s Tax has the potential to generate approximately $975,000 annually. The metro-area average for a Lodger’s Tax is just above 5%. This revenue would be dedicated to supporting major cultural assets such as Hudson Gardens, Town Hall Arts Center, the Littleton Museum, and Bemis Public Library, fund local arts and cultural organizations through grants, and promote tourism to Littleton.

To learn more about the arts and culture organizations that would benefit from a Lodger’s Tax, see the section on ACT Littleton. To learn more about this potential ballot question, visit the frequently asked questions section for the 2022 ballot.

Charter Change - Ballot Question 3E

A provision in Littleton’s charter from 1959 requires that any expenditure of capital assets, and for capital improvements more than $5,000, must go out for competitive bidding. This relatively low number creates inefficiencies and delays in the city’s ability to purchase goods and services. Voters are being asked to consider a change to the city charter to modernize the competitive bidding threshold requirements to enable the award of contracts to vendors that provide the best overall value to the city.

Under this Best Value Procurement system, proposals would be evaluated on a predetermined set of criteria, like quality, time, expertise, and cost, to determine best overall value. To learn more about this potential ballot question, visit the frequently asked questions section of the website.

Downtown Development Authority (DDA) - Ballot Questions 3F, 3C, 3D

Qualified electors in the proposed boundary for a new Downtown Development Authority may vote to form a new entity that would organize and finance improvements in Downtown Littleton that focus on capital improvements and infrastructure. Visit the frequently asked questions section for more information.

Aspen Grove Citizen-Initiated Ballot Question 301

This is a citizen-initiated ballot question on whether to repeal a 2021 council decision regarding zoning at Aspen Grove. Earlier this year, citizens submitted a petition with the number of signatures necessary to require city council to either repeal the decision or place it on the ballot for voters to decide. That plan would have allowed up to 2,000 new residential units in a single phase. Since that time, Aspen Grove submitted a revised plan under the new Unified Land Use Code that was approved by planning commission allowing less than 500 new residential units with a maximum height of 80 feet. Future phases allowing more residential units would require further public hearings and city approval.