City Clerk

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The city clerk is the official record keeper for the city. Some of her duties include:

Public comments at city council meetings

Citizens who are unable to attend a city council meeting and wish to comment on a specific agenda item for a regular city council meeting may submit their comments electronically to the city clerk using the Agenda Item Comment Form. Comments submitted before 4 p.m. on the day of a city council meeting will be distributed to the city council and the appropriate staff prior to the meeting that evening. Comments will be posted to the city's website the following day.

Request a Proclamation

To request a proclamation from the mayor and Littleton City Council, individuals can email the city clerk's office at with information about the event or individual they would like to recognize. Proclamations are formal announcements made by the city to acknowledge significant milestones, cultural or historical events, or recognize individuals or groups for their contributions. The city clerk's office will guide the requestor through the process and provide any necessary forms or instructions to complete the request. All proclamation requests go through a review process and if approved, the proclamation will be signed by the mayor and the city clerk and will be presented at a future city council meeting.