Neighborhood and Private Parties

Block parties, grad parties, private weddings, etc.

Private, invitation-only, festive gatherings such as block parties, graduation parties, or private weddings at your home do not require a formal event permit. However, if you plan to request the closure of your street to vehicular traffic, you must notify the Public Works Traffic Division at or 303-795-3834.

Bands and DJs

A separate Residential Amplified Sound Permit is required for any party that will have amplified sound, such as a DJ or live band. The permit is available from the eTRAKiT Permit Portal. To apply for a Residential Amplified Sound Permit:

  • Go to the city's eTRAKiT Permit Portal
  • Select Permits: Apply > New Permit
  • Log in, or register for a new Public User Account
  • Select Permit Type > Zoning,
  • Select Permit Subtype > Residential Amplified Sound
  • Continue with Permit Application
  • Questions about eTRAKiT? Contact the Permit Center at 303-795-3751.

Alcohol at private parties

Private parties are just that ... private. Think of a dinner party in your home. You decide whom to invite for a specified event and you provide food and alcohol at no charge. A large event may be a private party, but it will still have the same components as a party in your home.

Consider the following when deciding if your event will be a private party:

  • Is the event open to the public? The answer must be no. An event is clearly public if it is advertised in any public venue such as newspaper, radio, television, social media or flyers/posters in public places. It also qualifies as public if a person not on the original guest list can acquire an invitation through purchase of a membership, ticket or any other item that gains them admission to the event.
  • Your guest list must contain names of specific individuals and be limited in number. While this number may be large, you as a host are still required to know the names on the list and to ensure that only those invited attend the event.
  • If a person who is not on the invited guest list contacts you and asks to be invited and you agree, or they show up and are allowed access, then the event has just become open to the public.
  • Your invitations may be directed to a particular individual only, an individual plus a guest, or an individual plus specified guests. An example would be a company holiday party, where employees and their families are invited. You as a host have an expectation of how many guests an employee may bring.
  • You may not charge for alcohol in any way. This includes accepting donations, charging for admission, or a cash bar.

Alcoholic beverages may be served (but not sold) at PRIVATE, INVITATION-ONLY (persons personally known to the host/hostess) parties that are NOT advertised and are not open to the public.

Special Event Liquor Permit may be required if alcohol is to be stored, sold or consumed at a location that is not already licensed under local and state authority for the sale, service, or consumption of alcohol beverages. Contact the city clerk's office for more information at 303-795-3780 or