Neighborhood Grants

Neighborhood Grants encourage neighborhood outreach and engagement. Approved projects are eligible for up to $500 and include official neighborhood gatherings (such as those sponsored by a block, HOA, PTO, or non-profit), National Night Out events, neighborhood or community clean-up events, community educational programs. Approved events should not celebrate individual milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. or provide any personal gain to an individual. Neighborhood Grants may be applied for all year to be used for an event within the same calendar year as long as there is funding still available. If funding does run out for the year, it will be noted on this page.

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Step 1.Understand the Rules

  • NOTE: Only one grant may be approved per event, so please coordinate with your neighbors and HOA when applying.
  • Alcohol and fireworks may not be purchased using grant funds.
  • Try to purchase products and services within the Littleton city limits when using grant funds.
  • Keep all receipts and invoices that pertain to your grant. Copies must be submitted with the follow-up report and excess funds returned.
  • If your event requires blockades or cones to mark the closure of any public street or alley for your event you must contact the traffic division at least one week prior to your event/project at 303-795-3834 to make arrangements.
  • Amplified sound occurs whenever microphones and speakers are used to amplify voices, music, etc. If your event includes outdoor amplified sound, you must contact the Permit Center at least one week prior to your event at 303-795-3751 to apply for an Amplified Sound Permit ($75).
  • All events must comply with Colorado state, county, or local public health orders in effect at the time of the event.

Step 2.Apply for the Grant Online

Grant requests require a completed online application and a corresponding W-9 form (NEW: W-9 no longer required for individuals). If you have previously applied for and have received a grant from the City of Littleton, your W-9 form is already on file and a new one is not required unless there is a change in your information. Please allow up to two weeks for processing once your application has been submitted. If awarded, grant monies will be mailed to the payee listed on the application (which matches the W-9 form) shortly after approval and before the event date.

Neighborhood Grant Application Form 

All new grant applications must be submitted with a completed and signed W-9 form(PDF, 95KB)  (NEW: W-9 no longer required for individuals using SSN, only those organizations with EIN)

Step 3.Post-Event Reporting

Keep all receipts for expenses involving this grant and email them to the grant coordinator within two weeks of your event along with a completed Post Event Report Form (template may be downloaded on this page). Please note that any unused funds in excess of $20 must be returned within two weeks of the event date. Return of funds may be made via cash or check only; payable to City of Littleton.  Mail to Finance Department or deposit in the Littleton Center drop box, c/o Neighborhood Grant, City of Littleton, 2255 W Berry Avenue, Littleton, CO 80120. Failure to send post-event reporting and return of excess funds may result in denial of future grant applications.

For more information or post-event reporting, contact the grant coordinator at For additional information regarding Littleton Police Department's participation in National Night Out held annually in August, contact