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Building and Development in Littleton

The City of Littleton is here to help you with your building and development projects! Our goal is to protect and steward our built environment and public realm, while seeking to enhance Littleton's vibrancy and quality of life though improvements to our roads, buildings, historic landmarks, and other vital resources.

Our Community Development Department, consisting of both the Planning Division and the Building and Code Compliance Division, in collaboration with our Economic Development and Public Works Departments, work to ensure that new projects and construction in Littleton meet our community's objectives for safety, design, sustainability, preservation, and livability. We look to partner with you and your team to ensure that projects can get to the finish line while meeting the outcomes that residents and elected officials have established for the City of Littleton.

Below you will find more specific information on our development and permitting processes, our historic preservation programs, public works in Littleton, and our code compliance program.

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