Public Hearing Procedures

Public hearing procedures have been adopted in an effort to expedite, accelerate and increase efficiency of meetings at which the public appears, and to attempt to avoid unnecessary confusion, length and dissension at such meetings.

Procedure For Public Hearing

Step 1.The Mayor announces the name of the case, the action proposed, and outlines the general procedures under which the case will be considered unless copies of this procedure are available at the public hearing for the applicant and members of the general public.

City Council members may raise questions at any stage of the public hearing which may be responded to at that time. Comments and questions from the public are limited to three minutes per person.

Step 2.The Mayor declares the public hearing open.

Step 3.Staff introduces the case and enters, as applicable, the following exhibits into the record:

  1. Proposed ordinance or resolution by title only.
  2. Official application form and attachments, if any.
  3. Staff report.
  4. General reference map of the area.
  5. Applicable Comprehensive Plan documents by reference.
  6. Zoning Ordinance by reference.
  7. Official Zoning Maps by reference.
  8. Proof of Posting.
  9. Proof of Publication.
  10. Public Hearing Roster.

Step 4.Staff presents an analysis of the case, summarizes comments of referral agencies as necessary and may make a recommendation for Council action.

Step 5.Applicant presents the case, including presentation of exhibits and statement of position upon which approval of the request should be based.

Step 6.Public (including Opponents) comments or questions. All individuals addressing Council shall give their name and address.

Step 7.Applicant may reply to staff and public questions

Step 8.Staff may reply to applicant and public questions.

Step 9.Discussion by Council.

Step 10.Action by Council.

  1. Close Public Hearing
  2. Take such action on the application or matter before them as may be permitted by law.