Arborist Licenses

An arborist license is required to conduct tree trimming and removal work within the city limits of Littleton; City Code 8-4-3

PLEASE NOTE   New contractors registering for the first time with the city are required to email to get put into the system. 

Application Process

Step 1.Prepare your application materials

To complete your application you will need:

  1. Certificate of Insurance:
    Workman’s Compensation OR Sole Proprietorship Letter(PDF, 88KB) AND $500,000 General Liability Insurance

  2. Certification:
    Copy of Current Tree Trimming License from Denver, Aurora, or Lakewood

  3. Citizenship documentation:
    Affidavit of U.S. Citizenship or copy of valid Driver’s License

  4. Have an eTRAKiT contractors account:

    All licensed arborists are required to have an eTRAKiT account. If you have ever held an arborist license with the City before, your company name is in the system. Continue to the application link below. 
    If you are a first time applicant, email to get put into the system.


Step 2.Apply for your license via eTRAKiT

Begin your application on eTRAKiT

Instructions for eTRAKiT can be found here

After your application has been submitted with the above documentation, they will be reviewed by City Staff. If everything is approved you will notified by email that your $25 fee is due through eTRAKiT. Once payment is received, your license will be issued by email and can also be found in eTRAKiT. If we need additional information, you will be contacted by email.