Spring Tree Program

planting a tree

Celebrate Arbor Day with the City of Littleton!

The City of Littleton is celebrating Arbor Day by continuing its annual tree-planting program with 24 species of trees available this year. Trees arrive in #7 pots (about the size of a 5-gallon bucket) and range between 5-10 feet tall. Trees provide many benefits, including clean air, access to clear water, shade, summer cooling, wildlife habitat, beauty, and more. The goal of this program is to increase the canopy density and diversity of the urban forest.

For information on tree planting, visit the Arbor Day Foundation tree planting guide

Order deadline: March 25, 2024
Pick-up: Saturday, April 20 from 8 a.m. to noon at the City of Littleton Service Center - 1800 W Belleview Ave. Littleton CO 80120 (view in Google maps)
Contact: City Forester, at 303-795-3827 or pwmd@littletongov.org
Cost: $50 per tree
Limit: No more than 3 trees per household

All trees must be planted in the Littleton city limits. Use the Address Wizard to confirm the address is in the Littleton city limits. Trees are available first-come, first served, and may sell out.

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2024 Tree Descriptions (smallest to largest tree size)

Name Descriptions Photo
Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance
(Amelanchier x grand. 'Autumn Brilliance')
Small, flowering ornamental; white blooms in the spring; attracts birds and pollinators; prefers moist soil (irrigation); "brilliant" fall color; 15'h x 15'w Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance in the spring
Hawthorne, Thornless Cockspur
(Crataegus crus-galli 'Inermis')


Small, flowering ornamental; pungent, white flowers in the spring that attract unique pollinators; small, deep red berries that persist into early winter; attracts birds/ butterflies/ unique pollinators; thornless variety; dense, nest-like canopy; prefers full sun; 15'h x 15'w hawthorne tree in the spring

Crabapple, Royal Raindrops’ 
(Malus ‘Royal Raindrops')

Bare root only
Small, flowering ornamental; fruitless; fragrant, pink blooms in the spring; attracts pollinators/ butterflies; tolerant of variety of soil types; must be pruned in the winter due to disease susceptibility; 20'h x 15'w

Pink crabapple tree in spring

Crabapple, Spring Snow
(Malus 'Spring Snow')

Bare root only

Small, flowering ornamental; fruitless; fragrant, white blooms in the spring; attracts pollinators/ butterflies; tolerant of variety of soil types; must be pruned in the winter due to disease susceptibility; 20'h x 15'w

spring snow crab tree in the spring
Maple, Rocky Mountain Glow
(Acer grandidentatum 'Schmidt')
Small to medium tree; attractive fall color; more tolerant than other maple varieties; drought tolerant; native to Colorado; 25'h x 15'w rocky mt glow maple in the summer
(Cercis canadensis)
Small, flowering ornamental; showy neon pink flowers in the spring; attracts butterflies/ pollinators; heart shaped leaves; tolerant of many conditions; prefers partial shade; 20'h x 25'w redbud tree in the fall
Maackia, Amur
(Maackia Amurensis)
Small, flowering ornamental; unique, creamy white clusters of flowers- unique in blooming in the middle of the summer; attracts variety of pollinators; hardy tree; drought tolerant; 20'h x 30'w amur maackia tree in the summer

Maple, Sensation Boxelder
(Acer negundo 'Sensation')

Small to medium sized, hardy tree; attractive fall color; fruitless variety; tolerant of most soil conditions; 30'h x 25'w Small maple tree with red leaves in fall
Hop Hornbeam, American
(Ostrya virginiana)
Medium sized tree; fruiting bodies look like hops; good fall color; attracts wildlife; hardwood; strong and tolerant; 30'h x 25'w hop hornbeam tree in the spring
Osage Orange,White Shield or Wichita
(Maclura pomifera'White Shield' or 'Wichita')
Medium sized tree; thornless, fruitless variety; yellow fall color; drought and heat tolerant, hardiest tree we offer; 35'h x 35'w
osage tree in the spring
Bald Cypress

(Taxodium distichum)

Medium sized, long-lived tree; a deciduous conifer (meaning it loses its leaves in the winter); often pyramidal in shape; does not tolerate drought areas well, but only requires medium water (i.e. increased irrigation); tolerates flooding; attracts a wide variety of birds; 40'h x 25'h  bald cypress tree
Cork Tree, Eye Stopper (Phellodendron lavallei ‘Longenecker’)
Medium sized shade tree; tolerant and adaptable; prefers full sun; unique corky bark; yellow fall color; 40'h x 35'w  Cork eye-stopper tree
Shumard Oak

(Quercus shumardii)

Medium to large shade tree; waxy, bristle lobed leaves; easily grown in a variety of soil condition; drought tolerant; good fall color; 40'h x 35'w Shumard-Oak.jpg

English Oak 
(Quercus robur)

Medium to large shade tree; prefers full sun; drought tolerant; adaptable and tolerant; 40'h x 40'w  English-Oak.jpg
Yellowwood, American
(Cladrastis kentukea)
Medium tree; white, showy, fragrant flower clusters in the spring; yellow fall color; prefers to be planted in a wind-protected area; 40'h x 45'w yellowwood tree in the spring
Elm, Lacebark Allee
(Ulmus parvifolia 'Emer II')
Medium to large shade tree; distinct multi-colored, mottled bark; adaptive and tolerant; fast growing; drought tolerant; 45'h x 35'w lacebark elm tree
Oak, Chinkapin
(Quercus muehlenburgii)
Large shade tree; good fall color; attracts wildlife; tolerant of clay and rocky soil; prefers moisture but is a drought tolerant oak option; 45'h x 55'w chinkapin oak tree in the spring
Catalpa, Northern
(Catalpa speciosa)
Large shade tree; showy white flowers; long "green bean" style fruit; large, heart shaped leaves; tolerant of many soil conditions- both standing water and drought tolerant; attracts variety of pollinators; tolerant against pests and disease; 50'h x 30'w catlapa tree in the spring

Kentucky Coffee Tree, Espresso
(Gymnocladus dioicus ‘Espresso’)

Incredibly tolerant of pollution, drought, and unfavorable soil conditions; seedless variety (no toxicity to wildlife); unique leaflets; yellow fall color; one of the most tolerant trees we offer; 50'h x 30'w Kentucky Coffee Tree
Beech, European Green (Fagus sylvatica) Large, dense tree, year-round beauty, unique branch unique “elephant leg” looking trunk; stunning fall color; prefers moist soil but very tolerant; attract a variety of birds and small animals; 50'h x 35'w Beach tree in the fall
Rubbertree, Hardy
(Eucommia ulmoides)
Large shade tree; hardy tree- resistant and tolerant; prefers full sun; often has low, spreading branching (so be careful not to plant close to structures); drought tolerant; 50'h x 40'w rubbertree in the spring
(Celtis occidentalis)
Large shade tree; very tolerant to a variety of pollutants, soils, and harsh weather conditions; strong wood; distinctive, bumpy bark; attracts birds and pollinators; drought tolerant; 50'h x 50'w hackbery tree in the spring

Swamp White Oak
(Quercus bicolor)


Large shade tree; almost waxy, lobed leaves; hardy, reliable tree; drought tolerant (despite “swamp” being in the name!); nice fall color; 50'h x 50'w Mature swamp oak tree in a park

Tulip Tree
(Liriodendron tulipifera)

Large, stately, conically shaped tree; mature trees have large, column-like trunks; produce flowers that are yellow with orange accents; prefers full sun; tolerant of clay soil; prefers medium water; attracts birds and pollinators; good fall color; 60'h x 30'w  Tulip Tree