Community Improvement Grants

Community Improvement Grants encourage neighborhood groups and homeowner's association participation in community improvement projects. Approved projects are eligible for up to $9,999 and must benefit the neighborhood, be accessible to the general public, and include three bids.

Large community improvement grants are physical improvements to common areas accessible to the general public such as:

  • playground enhancements
  • landscaping improvements
  • monument sign repair/replacement
  • decorative fencing
  • shelter construction and improvements

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Step 1.Application Requirements

In order to complete the attached grant application, an applicant must have:

  • anticipated start and end dates for the project,
  • three bids with estimates for the full project,
  • photographs of the current condition of the project area,
  • project description and goals,
  • estimated project expenses, and
  • grant amount requested.

In addition, all grant applications require a completed and signed W-9 form.

If you have previously applied for and have received a grant from the City of Littleton, your W-9 form is already on file and a new one is not required unless there is a change in your information.

Please allow up to two weeks for application processing following application submittal. Please note: Community improvement grant monies are mailed to payee upon completion of the project.

Community Improvement Grant Application Form

Step 2.Grant Recipients

If the project is awarded, community improvement grants are given a timeline to complete the project (generally within a year), and must communicate any delays of the project timeline with the grant coordinator.

Upon completion, grant recipients must send the following to the grant coordinator to receive the grant award check:

  • final invoices and copies of canceled checks; and 
  • photographs of the completed project. 

For more information and to apply for the Community Improvement Grant, contact the Economic Development department at