Economic Development Strategy Finds Corridors Ripe for Redevelopment

Published on March 25, 2024

comprehensive economic development strategic plan logo

Littleton's Economic Development team unveiled its Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) in March, a community-led effort to guide the city's economic future.

Built on months of outreach to hundreds of businesses and thousands of community members, the CEDS identifies economic strengths and weaknesses to grow employment, diversify the economy, and spur economic growth. When a CEDS is completed, the city is eligible for federal funding to help implement the ideas and strategies.

The report found Littleton's corridors are ripe for reinvestment, with Littleton Boulevard high on the list for economic growth and development with an eye toward preserving the corridor's "midcentury modern" character. An economic conditions analysis found Littleton loses sales tax revenue to surrounding cities due to a lack of large retailers selling big-ticket items, a condition that could be alleviated with anticipated commercial development at the former Lumen site in south Littleton.

Throughout the CEDS process, housing affordability emerged as a pressing concern. High housing prices and low supply reflect Littleton's desirable nature but present a challenge to continued economic growth. Ensuring a range of housing options and affordability for Littleton's workforce is fundamental for the health of the business community.

Littleton's CEDS, the first in 12 years, found the city is a desirable place to live with a thriving economy. Littleton boasts a family-friendly orientation, an accomplished school district, and a strong transportation network. Littleton’s commercial real estate market remains more stable than many communities following the pandemic. Unemployment is low, and the city offers many professional jobs. Littleton also offers a broad array of cultural and recreational opportunities.

The CEDS identified opportunities to continue Littleton’s positive trajectory. The report recommends policies that nurture Littleton's strong local business culture, develop local workforce talent, leverage Littleton's historic assets and small-town charm, support business with modernized infrastructure, and increase collaboration with neighboring communities and the broader region.

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